Employee Engagement - Redefined

We think of employee engagement like a dance backed by science.

It takes two to tango and we are here to help you learn the steps so your employees will stay in the dance for a longer time.


Understand your employee’s sentiment if they’re happy, stressed and engaged with their job


As a tool to improve your company’s workplace or even your product/services too



As an effective communication tool to constantly engage, empower and motivate your employee wherever they may be


Provide your employees a social platform to connect, collaborate and share


Changing The Way You Communicate


Badge and achievement centric mechanics to
encourage interaction.


Incentives are given to acknowledge and recognize active employees.

Polling System

Ability for everyone to vote for
the greater ideas for the team.


Organize events, workshops or social activities to engage with your peers.

Pulse Survey

Assess your Happiness, stress and engagement index with Feet's Happy AI Tech.


Providing a  common place for ideas to be shared amongst colleague peers.

More reasons to get onboard with            

Employee Awareness

Educate, update and connect employees with the organization.

Employee Engagement

Strong understanding and communication between employees.


Happier Workplace

Cultivating a positive working environment with a twist of fun.

Better Productivity

Happy employees experience 31% higher productivity at work.


Lark Integration

Seamless integration with Lark, an all-in-one collaboration platform.


Try Feet’s to see how meaningful engagement and recognition can be

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