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What is Feet's ?

Feet’s is an employee engagement platform for employees to continue being engaged socially.

How Feet's Work ?

Backed with the ‘Happy Technology’, an Artificial Intelligence backed technology in collaboration with University Malaya, we understand your employee’s happiness, stress and engagement at macro level.


Bring out the best version of your people with our Pulse Survey, T’ing - The Brainstorming Platform, Hi 5 - The Recognition feature, Feeter’s Forum and Connect - The Social Space. Indulge your team with Rewards, an instant gratification to motivate employees to participate and perform better.  

How Feet’s can help my organisation?

Recognising that the concept of employee engagement today goes beyond productivity and performance reviews, Feet’s aims to redesign the employee’s experience and provide a mobile-first engagement that enhances positivity, collaboration and recognition.


Feet’s believes in breaking down employer-employee barriers, and benefits remote workers to a flexible arrangement so everyone has equal opportunities to contribute to the company’s growth and be rewarded.

What Feet’s can do ?
  • Communicate in real time with your employees: Send and receive instant messages to all your employees and managers.

  • Engage your workforce by keeping them up to date: Company policies, security procedures, updates and new inventory or machinery. Sharing is caring!

  • Get feedback from your employees: Give your employees a place to write their suggestions.

  • Recognize good work: Recognize your employees, share their picture and get all your workforce to engage with recognition

  • Share workflows to make your employee's work easier: Add location, files and notes to make your employee's shift as smooth as possible.

Who can use Feet’s ?
  • Retail Stores: Put your communications, business processes, training and scheduling on mobile.

  • Field Services: Use Feet’s as an operation's hub. Share documents, updates and create engagement from main office to field.

  • Manufacturing companies: Share business processes and easily track time. Instantly connect with all your employees.

  • Hospitality: Share documents, tasks and checklists to easily manage your business. Appreciate employees in real time and get their feedback instantly

Can Feet’s be integrated with the current platform that my organisation is currently using?

Yes! Feet’s can be integrated with current collaboration platform that your organisation is currently using.

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