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Employee Engagement,


Pulse Survey

Global Surveys

In collaboration with University Malaya, we  develop ‘The Happiness Survey’ to assess employee’s happiness, stress and engagement at macro level


Micro Surveys

In addition, Feet’s custom survey to gather feedback, implement changes and to validate improvements of your organisation

T’ing – Brainstorming Platform

Collaboration is made easy with T’ing!

The perfect tool for gathering ideas, suggestions, recommendations and solutions, suitable for your organization needs.

Social Space - Anytime,  Anywhere

Offering employees a place for them to come together to share, connect and collaborate

Available Functions:


•Forum – Community Portal



Let the fun begins here! Empower your team by recognizing their contributions, achievements or even to thank them for the morning coffee with High5!

Feeter's Forum

Keep updated with the latest events at the office with Feeter's Forum! Upload photos, send messages and keep in touch with your team seamlessly. Get rewarded for every interaction you make here!

Instant Rewards

Instant gratification motivates employees to participate and perform better, Employers can host your own rewards for your employees only with Custom Reward!

Materials - Resource Sharing

Share documents, pictures, videos and voice notes to your colleagues!

Seamless document sharing with your team. Align and sync with organisation's goals and mission.

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