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Employee Engagement Right At Your Fingertips!



Experience seamless integration with Zoom, an all-in-one collaboration platform. Organise meetups, chat with your team members and video call them whenever, wherever which is now made possible with Feet's!

Feet's Powered by Zoom

Talk To Celeste

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One of our most anticipated features yet, is "Talk to Celeste." This feature is powered by HR FAQs to address employees' most frequently asked questions. Ask Celeste anything, and she will answer!

Personality Test


Discover which personality category you fall into by completing the personality test! This gives you a better insight to reach your true potential in the workplace.

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Customise Your Avatar

Personalise your avatar however you like. You can even customise your avatar to make it look like you! This takes Feet's to a whole new level, which makes it more interactive for the users.


Asset 17_3x.png

We've made HighFive more fun by giving you access to upload up to 5 images or videos, with tagging made simple by selecting a hashtag from the drop down menu. Now you can do everything all at once!

Quest x T'ing

Asset 18_3x.png

Challenge your peers or colleagues for better productivity with Quest. This feature also enables you to collect suggestions, recommendations, and solutions from others. How efficient is that?

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