2020 Resolution: Boosting workplace engagement

Entering a new decade. Everyone is excited as 2020 comes in, with imaginative expectations about flying cars or interactive robots in mind. Not to forget, the annual New Year’s resolution that most of us write out at the beginning of every year.

The New Year’s resolution is essentially important as it assists us to achieve goals, whether it is personal or organisational, and guides us to improve ourselves throughout the year. As we spend most of our hours at the workplace, would it be great if the work life become more engaged and our efforts are more recognised?

Employee recognition is one component of positive company cultures that can boost employee engagement. Check out these top 3 New Year resolutions you should try that will boost employee engagement in 2020 and beyond.

#1: Save the time!

A healthy work-life balance has a few contributors, and working effectively is one of the components. On average, an employee spends 8 hours for work and another additional 2 hours just for the commuting. The extra hours on traveling is a source of stress and possibly reduce the productivity at workplace as the tension starts even before the step into the office.

With that in mind, it is time for the employers to start introducing a work-from-home policy as the new decade is here and employees are able to work remotely. Thank you to the advancement in technology, now work can be done out of the office given at any time. It is worth a try to introduce the new policy since studies in the United States revealed that employees that work from home have an extra 1.4 working days as compared the office-based employees.

#2: Give a 10 minutes break

After hours of screen time and brainstorming sessions, our eyes and brain need a break for a while. It is important to get up and get moving, and a walking break is able to revive the clarity of mind. A 10 minutes away from the screen can help the employees to get some fresh air and new views that can help to distract them from the hassle of their works.

You don’t have to walk far from the office during the walking break. Just a brisk stroll within stone’s throw at the office compound is sufficient. Utilise this short break to enjoy the fresh air, get in some extra steps and along the way, mentally lay out plans to achieve certain goals of the month.

#3: Boost the rewards

Financial issue is a haunt for the employees, especially those who reside at the urban areas with high living cost. In the UK, 57% of the employees believe that companies should do more to financially support their staffs beyond their annual income. A simple and cashless solution can assist the employees’ financial struggle and eventually, enhance their quality of life too.

Introducing staff cashback cards and discount vouchers are some of the economical examples that is doable and practical at the workplace. These initiatives will surely kill two birds with one stone as both employee engagement and productivity will increase as the respond to the programme.

What to do now?

Insufficient recognition at workplace is the primary reason of employee-employer disengagement. It’s not about grand gestures like a big bonus or increment, but it’s the recognition and appreciation matter most such as giving them some break in the middle of a busy day, flexibility to work remotely and giving small token or rewards.

Employee recognition and appreciation are just a few aspects of a positive company cultures that can level up employee engagement beyond the ordinary. These are just some ideas to boost engagement in your organisation, but of course, you may have your own ideas – why not give them a try in 2020?

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