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5 Reasons Why Employee Engagement Is Important

Updated: 10 Okt 2021

What is Employee Engagement? Why is it important in an organisation?

Well, when it comes to work, employee engagement is defined as the mental and emotional strength of the connection employees have with:-

- the work they do

- their teams

- their company.

Why is Employee Engagement Important? Here's 5 reason why:

1. Increase Productivity Among Employees

According to research, engaged employees are 17% more productive than their non-engaged counterparts.

They are more likely to perform their jobs with diligence and to exert discretionary effort in their positions.

2. Increase Retention of Employees

A motivated workforce is less likely to look for alternative employment opportunities.

Employees who are engaged are less likely to leave their jobs because:

  • They are aware that they will be recognised for their achievements.

  • They see opportunities for professional growth and development throughout their careers.

  • They are aware of when organisational change occurs and why it occurs.

3. Decrease In Absenteeism

Employees who are committed to your mission are more likely to show up for work on time. Absenteeism is reduced by 41% in workplaces where employees are highly engaged.

4. Enhance Employee Health

The likelihood of being obese or suffering from chronic disease decreases with employee engagement. Thus, the likelihood of eating healthier and engaging in physical activity increases.

Having happier, more productive employees have a positive impact on your bottom line.

5. Employee Engagement Improves Company Culture

People who are enthusiastic about what they do are, on the whole, are a pleasure to work with. It's not just because they're happier or more upbeat, though.

It's because they exemplify a company culture that encourages employee participation.

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