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5 Ways To Keep Yourself In Check For This Festive Seasons

Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year, the list keeps going on and on! The festivals keep coming one after another. It is no wonder our jeans feel a little tight these days.

We have such a diverse culture and ethnicity and that means a lot of opportunity for celebratory feasts. Festivals are all about spending time with our loved ones enjoying the food, don’t you agree?

All we do during the festive seasons is makan, makan and more makan.

However, overeating has adverse effects on our health. How can you navigate celebratory feasts and keep your stomach in check during this festive season?

Here are 5 ways to keep yourself in check:

1. Stay active

Going on holiday or even just celebrating at home does not mean that you cannot exercise. Make sure your body stays active.

If the gym or running sessions are cancelled, try doing these:

- Spring cleaning

- Try walking everywhere to get 5,000 steps in a day

- Bring your pet around the park

- Do-It-Youself Chinese New Year shopping instead of online shopping

- Dancing & karaoke session with CNY songs

2. Stay hydrated

Remember to drink water and not your sweetened beverages such as Coca-Cola, box drinks or our all time favourite - Bubble Tea!

Keeping a 1-litre water bottle reminds you to drink and keep watch on how much you drank.

You might need more if the food has more spice than is necessary! You might think with your tongue, but your body is not having a good time trying to process all that food you ate.

So, drink and stay hydrated.

3. Laugh your head off!

Do you know that laughing for 10 to 15 minutes can help you burn up to 40 calories?

Yes, it is true. A study conducted found that laughing does not only burn calories, but it also helps to:

Why are you not laughing yet? Start cracking jokes and laugh the days and nights away during this festive season!

4. Think before you eat!

That spring rolls looks good... so does that pineapple tart, peanut cookies, and your aunt's famous fried Ngaku Chips. Well, you cannot have it all, so calm down.

Remember to keep your portion size under control. Of course, you can enjoy the treats and be merry about the celebration but your stomach has a limit.

How to do that? You can choose a smaller bowl, plate or glass. Enjoy the company you keep and keep your food intake in check.

5. Go for Body Check-Up

The saying goes, "Health is wealth" is true. Taking care of yourself mentally and physically is an investment for a longer and higher quality of life.

So, getting a regular checkup ensures that you save money in the long run. Just as health is wealth, so is knowledge is power.

Getting yourself checked routinely helps mitigate the risk of potential health problems that might turn out to be dangerous.

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