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Eat too much this festive season? Get yourself checked today with Health Lane!

Christmas was a month ago. Then, New Year came a week after. And now it’s time for Chinese New Year! The celebration comes one after another. It seems to be endless. Do you know that Malaysia is the 7th country with the most public holidays in the world? Malaysia is so diverse with different races, cultures and ethnic.

The best thing about Malaysia is our food, don’t you agree? What we do during the festive seasons is makan, makan and makan. However, health is important. How to stay in shape and healthy during this festive season? Keep reading.

1) Try to stay active

Going on holidays or even just being at home doesn’t mean that you can’t keep exercising. Try to make your body active. If it keeps you away from gym or running session, you can try doing these: do the house chores, run for an errand in the nearest store by walking, walk your pets around the park and many more to go. 

2) Stay hydrated

Remember to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day to stay hydrated and maintain good functionality of your body system. Drink more water when you eat too many kuih muih or durian as they bring heat to your body. On top of that, avoid drinking sweetened beverages such as Coca-cola, teh tarik or boba drinks!

3) Laugh a lot!

Do you know that by laughing 10 to 15 minutes can help you burn up to 40 calories? So, let’s crack all the jokes and laugh the days and nights away with your friends or family members! 

4) Think before you eat!

There are so many foods to eat OMG and I want it all! Oh no, calm down. Remember to keep your portion sizes under control. Of course you can enjoy all the treats and be merry about the celebration but don’t overeat. How to do that? You can choose a smaller bowl, plate or glass. But make sure to keep your food intake in check.

5) Go for Body Check Up

Is the thought of a huge doctor’s bill terrifying you? Don’t worry, you can go for regular simple body check ups. These regular check-ups ensure that you save money in the long run and help to mitigate the risk of potential health problems that might turn out to be dangerous.

Anyways, good news to all the Feeters! Now you can enjoy a simple body check up at your nearest HealthLane branch to determine your cholesterol level, glucose level and blood pressure for only RM12. 

How to get the voucher?

Open your Feet’s app and play the ‘Tap the Angpow’ game. Stand a chance to win more exciting voucher during the campaign session!

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