Feet’s Celebrate Merdeka!!

This year, Malaysia is celebrating its 62nd year of independence and we are ready to celebrate the milestone as a show of Proudness to be Malaysian.

Despite having many rooms for improvement and micro-weather change, our beautiful nation is well-beloved. This is mainly because of our Multi-racial nature. The differences in race and ethnicity have made Malaysia a truly unique and colorful nation, here’s why;

  1. FOOD!Breakfast Nasi Lemak, Lunch Ipoh Hor Fun, Dinner Briyani, come supper we go to street van Lok-Lok. There is no shortage of food choices in Malaysia, this is because we embrace each culinary specialty and make it into our own unique flavor.

  2. HOLIDAY…Malaysia has 14 public holidays that is celebrated across the nation such as Chinese New Year, Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Deepavali and Wesak Day. And this does not yet include the state declared holiday. On average, Malaysia has 17-18 off day because of the Public Holiday.

  1. LANGUAGEOur National Language is Bahasa Malaysia, but our unofficial language is Bahasa Rojak; the lingua franca for the diverse cultural melting pot people of Malaysia. You can speak 4 languages in one sentence and still make total sense, For example, “ Walao eh, that macha can easily tapau the network issue, hebat bah!”

*Fun fact – Do you know that the word “Dobi” is Tamil.

Malaysia is truly a wonder! And we at Feet’s hope you will have a great time this Merdeka weekend celebrating this amazing country that we are blessed to be living and working in.

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