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Footage: News On Feet’s in Vulcan Post

Not to be confused with human anatomy, Feet’s is an app which debuted back in 2018.

The subscription-based app works to increase positive reinforcement within a company, be it peer-to-peer, or management-to-employee to improve their relationships.

It also aims to cultivate a culture of collaboration and acts as a place for employees to be recognised for their hard work and be rewarded for it. It’ll then create a happy, healthy and productive workforce.

As for the company itself, Feet’s Sdn. Bhd. was founded back in 2016 by Clement Tan and Lee Miew Lan, two veterans in the industry for deployment of HCM (Human Capital Management).

The Story Behind Feet’s

“The name Feet’s is an acronym for ‘Formulating Employee Engagement and Talent Strategy’ but is also intentionally picked after the Happy Feet animated movie for its connotations of happiness,” Azhani Samat from the Marketing and Merchant Acquisition department said.

Feet’s was developed in Malaysia with local talents and they collaborated with University of Malaya to develop and incorporate AI named “Happy” technology into the app.

The responses given to the AI will then be tracked by the managers so they can check up on an employee’s activity, stress and satisfaction levels by accessing the dashboard of the app.

The managers can then create plans to tackle any issue that arises from the data they collected.

The app was created because Clement and Lee realised there was a gap in the HRM (Human Resource Management) system that cultivates experiences and relationships at work.

A Stomping Ground

Since its official launch, Feet’s has over 7,000 users registered in KL and Selangor alone.

The app was received positively even though the team was doubtful at first because they were concerned it wasn’t what the market needed at the time.

Feet’s didn’t always have it easy as each organisation has its own structure and they faced issues in accommodating different organisations.

As time went on, however, the team got better at tackling this issue and managed to cater to organisations’ varying needs.

“The other challenges we faced is actually getting brand partners on board to provide the rewards,” Azhani said.

“As we’re fairly new, we had difficulties convincing brands to be our partner.”

“We’re seeing some growth ever since we’ve managed to get reputable clients to use our app. It’s moving slowly but it is surely progressing,” she said.

Feet’s can be used by any organisation big or small, but it is optimised for companies with more than 50 personnel.

However, Azhani told us that there is no minimum amount of employees a company needs to have to use the app, and that they have a client with only 20 employees using the app.

It works on a subscription-based model (RM4 per user) and if a company is interested in using the app, they can register their employees’ data with the Feet’s team via their website. Once approved, the employees of said company will be able to log into the app.

One of the team’s proudest achievements was when Tan Sri Lim Wee Chai, the founder of Top Glove, the world’s largest manufacturer of gloves, opted to use Feet’s.

Using Your Feet’s

The app has a few central functions—Makan Buddy, Feeters forum, Reward, HighFivers, Weekly Quizzes and T’ing! To name a few.

Makan Buddy as you would expect allows for employees to plan meals together and get to know each other without asking the age-old question of “Where are we eating today?”.

The Feeters forum is where employees can collaborate and communicate with each other.

Reward is a gamified system that awards micro-rewards to employees based on their achievement, which then motivates them.

From just using the app, the user can net up to an average of RM60 in vouchers monthly.

The coupons or vouchers can then be used on different brands such as HERMO, Vivo Malaysia, Thundermatch and Best Western Hotel to name a few.

As for HighFivers, it is a tool for employers to recognise the hard work of their employees. This will also foster better communication within the team.

The weekly quizzes can be completed by the employees to express their opinions and the data is then collected for the management and can be viewed on the dashboard.

T’ing is a suggestion box that is transparent in nature and allows for employees to share their ideas and feedback on how to improve the company and to solve their day-to-day issues.

Walking Towards The Future

“We’re constantly improving the app but our end goal has always been the same—to be able to provide real-time insights into an organisation’s sentiment and wellbeing,” said Azhani.

“We’re looking into integrating wellness features and also to improve the AI learning system.”

“If all goes well, we would like to be the go-to platform for insights on industry benchmarks for employee engagement, happiness and stress.”

They are also in the midst of fundraising for IPO.

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