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Happy World Food Day

In support of this global celebration to end World Hunger and to stop obesity, here are some of our tips on what you can do:

Sustainable Food

Collaborate with others companies to help transform the agriculture business. Help fund projects that enables and empower people to provide food for themselves in a sustainable way. Support our local raw materials to help boost our economy which will in turn to attract investors to invest in our market.

Access To Credit

Conduct charity events and/or donation drives either through activities like a charity marathon or even creating limited edition items for sale to raise funds.

Food Donations

Promote volunteer programs that allows people to help the poor get access to food either through donating food or hosting food drives. Educate the public to always lend a helping hand to those in need.

Family Farming

Grow your own food – turn your garden area or convert a small area at your home into your own little vegetable farm. There are many ways to do this, from traditional farming to aquaponics and vertical farming, this will give you control over your own food source.

Lifestyle Education

Education from young is a key factor – the importance of not wasting food, eating moderately and keeping a healthy lifestyle is ingrain during one’s growing stage. This will be beneficial in the later stage to help prevent unhealthy living and reduce obesity.

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