Head over Feet’s (heels) with Purple Cane

One of Feet’s Brand Partner is Purple Cane, and we are celebrating their 32nd Anniversary! Do Check out their website at purplecane.my to see the Anniversary Sale now.

A little bit history about the amazing establishment, Purple Cane started in 1987 with an innovative spirit integrated with both ambitious and enterprising individuals, aiming at going through a cultural passage.

According to Purple Cane founder Mr. Lim Hock Lam, the definition of cultural business establishment: is a human activity of the integration of soul, mind and practices.

In a culture scene, it is a sublimation of cultural resources, promoting its productivity from low to high through one or more virtual processes or innovation that consequently and incessantly contribute to systematic and value cultural development in the human community. This is in-line with Feet’s effort in promoting engagement at work for a higher return for the businesses.

Experts say drinking tea can helps stimulate our central nervous system to extend the attention span of a clear mind. It is also said that tea-drinking is good for our eyes. Therefore, drink tea today and be more focused and ever-ready at work.

Our favorite tea from Purple Cane is definitely the Jasmine Pearl: a flower Scented tea. It is characterized by the long-lasting aroma, clear yellowish-green infusion, and full-bodied refreshing flavor. It helps rejuvenate and refresh tired minds and boost mental alertness.

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