MBG: Quality Fruits or Your Money Back Guaranteed!

A healthier lifestyle seems to be on every other person’s New Year’s Resolution nowadays. It can’t be denied that we as a society have become more aware of the benefits of being healthy. We have heard of many types of exercises and diets on social media but one thing that most of us can agree on is that a healthy lifestyle requires a balanced diet – and a balanced diet requires lots of fruits and vegetables. Fortunately, the presence of the MBG fruit outlets has made it miles easier for us to get our recommended daily doses of delicious fruits. MBG stands for Money Back Guarantee and shows how CEO, Mr. Adnan Lee, values the quality of his fruits that are consumed by his customer starting with his promise that if you are not satisfied with the product, he will replace it or give your money back. “We believe in providing quality fruits. In fact, we’re so committed to that standard that we’re happy to provide unsatisfied customers with refunds,” Mr. Adnan says. He cites seasonal fruits to be some of his favorite fruits, not being able to pick just one. As late as 1994, MBG was just another fruit stall in the Pasar. It has come a long way from that to being one of the fastest growing F&B retail brands, present in many major shopping malls, a hospital, and even a train station. MBG now carries a wide range of fresh whole fruits, cut fruits, fruit salads, fruit juices, and fruit baskets, with delivery services available for certain orders. What is Mr. Adnan’s secret? Lots of hard work, happy employees and of course, a love of fruits!

When it comes to employee experience, MBG is proud of its talent development and its practice of promoting staff from within. An employee starting out as a store assistant, with hard work, could end up running their own store or even be promoted to the headquarters as a Marketing Executive. Started out in retail, Feet’s is now also an importer and wholesaler of fresh fruits in both Malaysia and the global market. They have also launched their eCommerce platform www.mbg.com.my in 2014 and is the biggest online fruit store in the country.

MBG and Feet’s are proud to announce our new brand partnership in the vendor space. Be sure to put those Feet’s dollars to good use with the current MBG promotion available on the Feet’s app and maybe achieve a New Year’s Resolution at the same time!

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