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Mental Health Day

Understanding and Connecting With Yourself

Do you experience waking up in fright and panic but not quite sure why? Many whom do, experience severe anxiety, what about you?

Maybe you are losing interest in different aspects of your life like eating, socialising event entertainment and hobbies, sounds like a slow descend towards depression perhaps?

Now, that I have planted some doubts and questions about your mental state, it is time for you to take a step towards understanding and connecting with yourself.

On this 10th of October, we are celebrating World Mental Health Day and in conjunction with that Feet’s is encouraging you to start conversations on mental health.

Take a Mental Health Test

Self-diagnosis can be helpful to you as you walk through the road to understanding your state of mind.

Although test results from online mental health tests cannot be taken at face value and you should talk to a professional to get an accurate diagnosis, answering the questions regarding your mental health can shed light on your current state.

That is your first step towards understanding yourself. Whether to take actions to mend or improve your mental state can be discussed after knowing your state of mind.

Feet’s can help companies keep track of their employees’ engagement, stress and even happiness level.

Start your company’s journey for a better employee engagement and keep your workplace mental health state in a positive and productive spirit.

Write a Journal

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An age-old way to keep track of your thoughts, memories and well to vent too. Writing is a process where we arrange our thoughts into words and can be therapeutic.

It helps you understand your personality, emotion, mental state and maybe a reason behind why you feel the things you are currently feeling when you are emotionally unstable.

So, write a small entry today or just list things that made you feel annoyed. Expressing your feelings and thoughts is always better than letting them stew inside your mind.

Sport Socialising

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Physical activities can help you socialise with others. Exerting yourself and being in the moment helps you focus on yourself, and this gives your mind a break from all the worrying.

Moreover, playing cooperative sports like futsal, badminton and basketball help you connect with others without the need for long conversations.

Socialising is part of being human no matter how introverted you are and how much you wish to be an isolated island.

Sharing Feels

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Express yourself, start sentences with "I feel..." Although, it can be hard to express our emotions, try really hard.

We sometimes do not want to be described as emotional because we associate being emotional as a loss of control.

But as humans, we feel things and at certain times strongly too and that is fine as long as we can express those feelings effectively.

Stop pushing away your emotions and burying them and start validating them because in doing that you are accepting and validating yourself.

Furthermore, we can help normalise discussing mental health as we start talking about our feelings and where our state of mind is currently in.

Have a Well-Being Day

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Well-being day is just like a self-care day. Take a day for you to get a spa day where you care for your body, get a massage, or have a relaxing bath where you just soak in a tub.

If you are a people person, then you can even have a Tea or Coffee Party. Get friends together or just enjoy your own company with a cup of tea or coffee.

Additionally, some people might like to get away from the city and find peace in a greener environment. The green planet is god’s gift so, head out and enjoy yourselves.

Get Feet’s for a better work environment in your company now! Employee engagement can help you get the best out of your employees and keep them in the best state of mind to continue pushing the company forward.

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