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National Clean Off Your Desk Day

Hey you, when was the last time you cleared your desk? Can't remember? Well, did you know that your desk may harbour 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat?

Shocked? Good. Now let’s see if you can keep your desk and workplace cleaner than the average toilet seat.

Marie Kondo’s rules of tidying have helped many people to declutter and find joy in organising and tidying. So, take notes people.

In celebration of National Clean Off Your Desk Day, here’s a step by step process for you to follow on how to declutter and clean up your desk.

1. Remove everything from your desk. Seriously, empty it out.

The first step for a clean desk is to start from the ground up. Remove all items on the desk this includes all your drawers and lockers or any organisers that you have.

Commit yourself! This is Marie Kondo’s Rule #1 of tidying up, so just make a pile if you need to. Marie’s Rule #2 is to imagine your ideal lifestyle or in this case, the workplace.

When you can see the full surface of your desk that’s when you can clean the surface of your workplace with a damp cloth or with the appropriate cleaning supplies.

Watch out for the electrical stuff, they might need a special cleaning method. Then, start the process of discarding items.

2. Be grateful, then Bin It.

Grab the trash can and start throwing away old and unused things from your desk. Shred documents if you need to and recycle unwanted items when you can.

But remember to go through things 1 by 1 so you do not accidentally throw away important items or documents. Also remember that electrical items need to be disposed of differently.

Remember to finish discarding first! This is Marie’s Rule #3. Do you actually need that many paperweights? Rethink what you really need.

Let's not forget to delete emails as well. Delete your junk mails and all those promotional emails too. Let's be green and clean this year!

3. Organise your space.

This includes files and documents on your desktop. Make sure everything has its own space, so you would not miss things.

You can put dividers in your drawers, use trays and designate one section for pens, pencils and Post-It notes.

You don’t need to scour or rummage around your drawers for them anymore.

Rule #4 Tidy by Category, not by location. So put your books together, papers in files and miscellaneous items and then sentimental items. Rule #5 Follow the order of category.

4. Personalise

Placing sentimental items on your desk can increase your motivation and give you peace of mind whenever you need it. Marie's last and favourite rule. Rule #6 Ask if it sparks joy in you.

Get family pictures framed on your desk, or place succulent plants that you find attractive on your desk. If you like quotes or scenery portraits, then place them at your desk.

Try and take good care of your desk, place table mats or protective covers if your desk needs it and surround yourself with joyful items.

Do not over accessorise your desk, it might take away your focus from your work. Practise moderation in all things.

5. The Great Habits

The reason your desk is dirty in most cases is because we eat at our desks. Try and eat in the pantry or outside.

If you’re in a rush and too lazy to move elsewhere, make sure you clean up after yourself. Use a wet tissue to wipe down your desk when you’re done eating.

Moreover, sanitising your workplace or desk every other day will help you keep that bacterial count low or even nonexistent.

Happy National Clean Off Your Desk Day! Hope you feel at ease at your workplace and pleased with your clean desk.

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