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Skills youth needs to survive in post pandemic workforce

The youth workforce is highly vulnerable to the economic crisis, as a result of the current Coronavirus outbreak. Prior to the current crisis, young people were three times as likely as adults (25 years and older) to be unemployed. At the moment, more than 1 in 6 young people are out of work due to COVID-19. This pandemic is forcing economies and companies to speed their digital transformation to meet the sudden boom in home working and online shopping, thus driving the expansion of artificial intelligence and automatisation.

This new environment is accelerating the need for digital transformation and creating immediate and large-scale workforce and skills challenges. Do you have the skills that will make you stand out amongst other candidates?

Digital Literacy

In today’s digitally advanced world, nearly every career involves technology. Automation, data analysis, artificial intelligence (AI) and other emerging technologies can deliver exceptional productivity. Free online classes are available on Future Learn and Coursera for you to upgrade your digital skills and enhance your employability.

Problem Solving Skills

Critical and creative thinking are the centre of problem-solving skills. Critical thinking has an ability to evaluate something by assessing, analysing, and examining an issue. On the other hand, creative thinking is a way of looking at problems with a fresh perspective and suggesting new ideas. Critical and creative thinking go together, and both are required for the workforce today. Learn the fundamentals of problem-solving skills in Class Central and Learning Tree.

Youth Entrepreneurship

Not all young people will go into business but need forward-thinking attitude and who can initiate changes and ideas on their own. An entrepreneurial spirit will drive solutions orientated performance, hence a necessary soft skill that employers are looking for in candidates who will make a difference in their company. You can grow the entrepreneurial spirit by attending short courses on Future Learn and Harvard University.

Communication Skills

The ability to communicate effectively is one of the most essential skills for the workforce. No matter the job or field, communication is required both inside and outside an organization. No matter how great a person’s intentions or ideas are, it is crucial to be effective at getting their ideas across both in writing and speaking. Level up your communication skills with online courses on EdX and UdeMy.

Adaptability and Cognitive Flexibility The modern workforce is constantly changing and no one knows for sure exactly what industries will look like in the decades to come. For youth to succeed, they need to be easily adaptable, dynamic and flexible for both technical and managerial skills. Learn the essential skills that are adaptable across positions and organisations on UdeMy, Coursera and Future Learn.

These are a few skills employers are looking for in candidates during and after a pandemic. These skills are necessary for all working environments, hence acquiring them should be a top priority for youth today. You can also check out ASEAN SME Academy and MaGIC for more courses.

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