Stop the pandemic: Embracing the new normal.

It has been more than 100 days since the COVID-19 virus was first reported in Wuhan, China. Since then, various precaution measures are taken to control the transmission of the new novel virus, including major global lockdown. Although many workplaces are in temporary shutdown and most are working remotely, there are some of the brave warriors who are still working to ensure all of us live in comfort during this lockdown period.

In conjunction with the World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2020, let’s work together to stop the pandemic by following safe practices in workplaces. To those who are still working from home, you are not left behind. We have tips for all to practice a safer workplace environment.

Understand the risks

Whether you are working indoors or outdoors, always prioritise safety. Wear masks and equip yourself with hand sanitiser when you are about to leave your place. Whilst remaining indoors, look for a working spot that is away from domestic hazards.

Take regular breaks

Keep yourself fresh and be alert to avoid any injury or burnout. Make it a habit to schedule tasks of each day and arrange from most important to least important. Always make some time to Marie-Condo your to-do-list!

Reduce workplace stress

Low concentration level and depression are often linked to high levels of stress, especially during this lockdown. Job insecurity, heavy workload, and long hours are current issues that lead to stress. Talk to someone if you start to develop excess burden inside your head before it gets too late!

Avoid excessive stooping or twisting

It is best to look for ergonomically designed furniture and equipment since we spent an average of 8 hours for working. Perhaps some rearrangement of your work station is what you need most to ease your movements. Or you just need to sit correctly and avoid improper stooping. Why take the risk when you able to make the changes?

Stay sober and know your rights

If you notice any hazards at your workplace, immediately inform your employer or human resources personnel about it. If the hazard is at your home office, call out for help from local authorities if you cannot handle it. Remember, never take it personnel when it involves hazard. Reach out for help!

We at Feet’s hope you are working safely no matter where you are, indoors or outdoors. Precautions are better than cure, so let’s work hand in hand to make our workplace a safer and healthier environment!

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