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Ultimate 4R for Contact Lens Users

Using contact lenses is an ease in life. It makes everything look sharper and feel more fashionable. However, there is a high risk of severe eye infection if you do not clean your contact lenses correctly as instructed. These are the 4Rs on how to take care of your lenses for a healthier vision!

1) Rub

Eliminate the “no rub’’ instruction on all soft contact lens. Rub the lenses with multipurpose disinfection solution to kill bacteria built-up. Make sure your hands are clean. Drop a fair amount of solutions on the lens and rub them gently.


Always remember to rinse them all over after rubbing. Method of “rub-and-rinse” is the most effective technique to clean the lens thoroughly. Remember to replace the multipurpose disinfection solution in the contact lens case daily.

3) Rest

It is crucial to give your eyes a break from your contact lenses after hours of wearing. It is not advisable to wear more than 12 hours. A contact-free hour or two before bedtime is preferred to rest your eyes.

4) Renew 

Never risk extending the life of your contact lens. Only keep your lens as long as it is prescribed. For example, dispose of your monthly contact lenses after 30 days of usage to protect your eyes from dryness and/or infection.

Have you changed your contact lens? If yes, good job for taking good care for your eyes. If no, it is time to renew and get a new contact lens now from the nearest optical store!

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