Zen & Co: Something Unique For Your After-Work Drinks

Going out with friends after work, especially on a Friday, has been the ‘culture‘ in KL for as long as anyone remembers. We all know to avoid the Friday after work traffic heading towards the city. Or sometimes we go through it to have a few hours worth of enjoyment to start the weekend off.

After all, going out after work – if done responsibly – has been linked to many benefits to employees of all ages, especially in reducing stress. Leaving the stress of work behind at the office and having fun can be just what you need to go home in a much better mood. We professionals need our own space of entertainment too!

Zen & Co bar owner, Mr Moo Wei Kong, understands this need and provides a nice venue in his bar in Bukit Jalil for such entertainment. Featuring fun Japanese influenced decorations, the venue is chic and accessible for workers who may not want to face the crazy KL traffic to hang out in the city. According to Mr Moo, his bar attracts a myriad of professionals from multiple industries rather than the young rowdy crowds. If you go towards the end of the week (Thursday, Friday & Sunday night) you will also be able to enjoy your hangout listening to live music. There is always a promotion going on if you’d like to get a bang for your buck.

Apart from after work drinks for his customers, Zen & Co also carries a diverse menu featuring Japanese-Western fusion food. They are open for lunch and dinner and cite their pork burgers and pork ribs to be the crowd favourites. You may even get to impress a few clients by scheduling lunch meetings here – something different than the usual KL haunts.

Feet’s is delighted to announce our new brand partnership with Zen & Co, another cool venue to use your points at. Zen & Co is located at Taman Gembira, Kuala Lumpur. Check out their current lunch set and drinks promotions on their FB page.


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