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Employee Engagement Right At Your Fingertips!


Our Feeter’s Forum is a communication platform that connects employees regardless of location and time. 


HighFive! Such an easy, informal, user-friendly way to recognize our coworkers' and colleagues' contributions. It encourages two-way recognition between managers and employees.

Feet's 3.0 User Interface (1).png


Connect? Yes, just as the name suggests, it is a feature to aid the engagement of our employees. It is mainly designed to cater to all our in-house activities, no matter it is at a company or department level.

Feet's 3.0 User Interface (2).png

Pulse Survey

Backed with the ‘Happy Technology’, an Artificial Intelligence developed in collaboration with University Malaya, our custom survey is a feedback gathering platform that is capable of generating profiling analytics. By pushing out simple, user-friendly and positive questions, custom survey helps employees like us provide real feedback.

Feet's 3.0 User Interface (3).png


Feet's use a gamified system providing micro-rewards for organisations to progressively reward their employees based on their achievements. This instant gratification element motivate employees to participate and perform better. With the coins you earned by actively engaging in Feet's, you can redeem voucher rewards from a range of shops partnered with Feet's. 


Storyboard, Personal Challenges, and Quests

Building employee participation and comprehension is one technique to encourage users to become familiar with features while raising employee engagement. The employees can set a challenge by challenging any of their coworkers, and by accomplishing the task.

Customize Your Avatar

Personalise your avatar however you like. You can even customise your avatar to make it look like you! This takes Feet's to a whole new level, which makes it more interactive for the users.

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Chatbots revolve around conversations. Celeste, the person that knows everything and everyone in the office. She is the funny and perky girl you see in every company. She is a young adult in her late 20s liked by everyone. When in doubt or trouble, she is the go-to person. That person has all the answers you need and is always ready to help.

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