About Us

After analyzing data from thousands of employees, the founders of Feet’s conclude that happy employees are more productive and committed. However, not many organisations are equipped to measure employee’s happiness beyond the formulaic goal setting and year-end reviews.


Recognising that the concept of employee engagement today goes beyond productivity and performance reviews, Feet’s aims to redesign the employee’s experience and provide a mobile-first engagement that enhances positivity, collaboration and recognition.


Backed with the ‘Happy Technology’, an Artificial Intelligence backed technology in collaboration with Universiti Malaya, we understand your employee’s happiness, stress and engagement at macro level.


Bring out the best version of your people with our Pulse Survey, T’ing - The Brainstorming Platform, Hi 5 - The Recognition feature, Feeter’s Forum and Connect - The Social Space. Indulge your team with Rewards, an instant gratification to motivate employees to participate and perform better.  


Feet’s believes in breaking down employer-employee barriers, and benefits remote workers to a flexible arrangement so everyone has equal opportunities to contribute to the company’s growth and be rewarded.

Employee engagement - redefined with Feet’s.


FEET’S is developed by RAMSSOL Group as part of its on-going research and development on the best practices of human capital management and talent mobile application. Reach us at enquiry@feets.me for inquiries.