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Happy Feeters: A Millenials story by Joe Leong

“Feet’s is the first company I have ever worked with and I’ve been here around about 1 year now. At the time I got the job it was unexpected and I feel really lucky to join Feet’s as a programmer, being originally from an engineering background.

I joined Feet’s after completing my Master’s degree, and now in pursuit of my PHD, I feel that Feet’s taught me a lot because it exposes me to the real world. To me, the company understands their employees really well, even the fresh graduates. The biggest thing it taught me is the importance of Human Resource in any company. I never really saw how important the role of HR was before this, and how it can really create an enjoyable environment in the workplace.

The thing I enjoy most about my job is programming itself and the fact that I get the opportunity to learn more about programming every day. This never fails to put me in a good mood the day before work. I look forward to learn more of the back-end stuff especially the Artificial Intelligence component of Feet’s.

My favourite feature of the Feet’s app is the High Five feature where you can send points to your colleagues to show appreciation for what they do. When I first used it, it was something totally new to me, something different than what I’ve experienced – not even Facebook has a feature like High Five!

Sometimes it’s not easy to say thank you to colleagues, and I like how the app makes it easier for me to make people feel appreciated. I use this feature a lot. I like making people feel appreciated and to show that I’m not taking them for granted.” – Joe Leong, Feet’s Mobile App Developer.

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