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Happy Feeters: A Millennial Story by Nur Fatin Hanani

My first job was a Web Developer, I was ecstatic to land the opportunity but quickly learn that working life is not all it’s cracked up to be. It was not the job, I love learning new things and polishing my skills. However, the whole experience of dealing with social interaction at work, constant consciousness towards handling accountability and task ownership can be exhausting. I called my mum every other week to vent out. “I want to take SPM again and again even if its 400 times, it is better than another day working,” I say. [Nani chuckled as she says this]

Then I got a job as a Consultant at RAMS Solution (RAMS). It is a great change of pace. I enter into the job with the knowledge and experience gained from the previous company, I have a new found confidence and flair for people. Even though my new job requires me to have more interaction with stakeholder (clients, teams, supervisor etc), I am able to take every encounter as an opportunity to learn and grow. At RAMS, I learn that every day is a learning process, it is not to always win but to learn something from each case or even clash of opinion and to rise above it, take it in and do better in the future. I manage to have to experience people. On the job aspect, I truly enjoy the work of a HRM consultant. As a consultant, you get to learn with a deep understanding because you learn through “solution-making”. Every day I get to increase my knowledge on the subject and bit by bit getting to know about other subjects as well: Payroll – with the help, support and guide from a great team and manager. I feel engaged by learning whilst contributing.

Another fun part about working at RAMS is they use Feet’s app. It is a great way to spark fun and keep fun. I gave me something to look for everyday. My favorite usage of the app is Makan Buddy where we get to host, find and accept an invitation to a “makan” spot easily. It is great because lunch time is made fun, being it is a quick escape from the daily work stress. Makan Buddy enriches the concept of hangout and get-to-know-your-colleague. – Nani, Consultant, Recruitment Product RAMS Solutions Sdn Bhd

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